Kenyan Mall Shooting An Illuminati Hoax!

The New World Order Has Arrived in East Africa

When I first heard yesterday that there was a massive shooting in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya that killed supposedly 68 people, while injuring some 150+, I was my usual skeptical self.

Knowing what we all should realize by now about the questionable shootings and bombings in America Aurora Colorado, Sandy Hook Connecticut, Boston Massachusetts, Washington DC (Yes, that one fits the pattern of being a fake ), and of course the bombings and shooting in London England just a few months ago, anyone with any intelligence and with some critical thinking will question this shooting in Kenya, immediately.

From what I have discovered, this Kenya shooting shows signs of being another false flag attack.   First, I want to present an amazing video from Max Malone, that is entitled: “Kenyan Mall Hoax: The Camera Man Can”. In it, you will see startling evidence that this mall shooting is another false flag operation, fully staged by actors.


  • nworder

    Carry a camera and avoid the terrorists – turn your guns in for cameras and live.

  • pubpubpub

    I’m totally open to this being a false flag. I know Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon were. But what’s the purpose of this false flag in Kenya?

  • Mrs Margert

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  • Jean Bush

    The purpose is to prep us for more false flags here in the US, they are trying to panic us into accepting a total dictatorship. Search on Youtube for Kenyan Mall shooting hoax. Most are well explained.

    BTW, your video is gone:(

  • Illuminatiagent

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