Top Corks Stool Brands and The Storage of Cork Stools

Nowadays, technology has created so much ease for people and this technology has also assisted in the wine storage manufacturing and created wine cooling systems and wine cellar cooling systems. A wine cooler refrigerator, whether it is single-zone, or double-zone, is a great way to store your wine at an ideal temperature. You can give an aesthetic appeal to your drinking space by adding wine racks, counters, bar stools, and corks stool.

Cork stools popularity

Wine lovers fancy showing their love for wine in every decor of their home and using cork stools of different kinds in their drinking spaces, home bars, and wine cellars. However, cork is very long-lasting and unsusceptible and overly appropriate for home settings. Different brands sell cork stools including


Vitra is a furniture manufacturing company that creates great wine cork stools of different designs to keep at any place of your home as a cork stool or side table. Their Cork Stool Model A, Cork Stool Model B, Cork Stool Model C, and Cork Stool Model D are their best furniture pieces made of bark from the fresh oak tree.


An Italian brand that creates magnificent furnishings and cork stools and side tables. Their brown colour cork stool is simply made from cork material.


Have you heard about Epicureanist Wine Cork Stool? Vinotemp provides these multipurpose eco-friendly and sturdy stools, and you can add a sophisticated look to your home with the addition of this piece to your home. This large-sized cork stool can be utilised as a captivating stool or stylish table.

Kanju African Luxury

An opulent interior brand that creates the best African cork stools of different designs. They make a stacked shape, slim shape, low stool, and round stool in dark and light cork colour.

How can you protect your cork stools?

Cork stools are made of natural corks that are taken straight from trees. This renewable material can easily be cleaned.

Light cleaning

You do not need to deep clean your cork stools, just utilize a rag or sponge and a soapy water solution to softly clean the cork stool. If the stool isn’t that grungy, light cleaning is enough.

Stains removing

If light cleaning isn’t that much help for your stools, then sandpaper can be your bud. Slowly, sand the tainted site and blow the dust-out and inspect and sand carefully until the mark or taint is removed. Rinse the stool with water and use a clean cloth to dry it.

Drying cork

As moulds and mildew like wet cork surfaces and if you want to avoid mould ruining your cork stool, dry out the water from this spongy material after scrubbing it. Press on the cork stool to run dry it with the cloth. Leave the cork stool to dry in the air fully after squeezing out all the water content. You do not need to store your cork stool unless it is fully dried off.

Cork is very durable and resistant and thus excessively fitting for indoor and outdoor settings.

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